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Kumbirai Deon Mandebere.

PhD student 

In the MPN lab, I study the molecular mechanisms of iron uptake and its regulation in Arabidopsis vtc mutants using a combined genetic, molecular, and biochemical approach. My goal is to understand the functional connections between genes, proteins, metabolites, and mineral ions concerning iron uptake and transport. I’m also looking at the reduction of iron by Fe(III) reductases and metal metabolism in Arabidopsis vtc mutants. 

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Mehmet Onur Barut
Lab Manager/ Undergraduate Student

As an undergraduate in the lab, we can learn how we can think as a scientist. As a lab manager in the lab, I’m responsible for the design in the lab for efficiency, I’m responsible for the machines and paperwork. As a researcher in the lab, I’m investigating the effect of excess heat on iron nutrition of Arabidopsis thaliana. As a person, I can educate myself and share my experience with the other members while learning from their experience. Overall, our lab gives a chance to do research, to educate ourselves and people around us in all way.


Desara Gora

Msc. candidate 

I graduated from Bilkent University, department of Molecular Biology and Genetics in 2020 and I am currently pursuing a Master's degree at ODTU. During my years as an undergraduate student I have worked in cancer research, therefore the plant field is new and fascinating to me. My goal for the next year is for my research to contribute to the further understanding of iron uptake mechanisms in plants that enable some of them to grow in low iron soils. 

Former lab members

Dr Babar Hussain (PD)

Eylül Korkmaz (U)

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