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Fully funded PhD (PhD candidates recently enrolled in a PhD program in other universities are also welcome to apply) and Postdoc positions (PhD candidates close to graduation are welcome to apply) in Middle East Technical University.



Our aim is to generate basic knowledge to reduce fertilizer use in agriculture in the long run. Fertilizers often constitute the most expensive input and for Turkey dependent largely on export. To develop innovative solutions to the problem, we identify new genes and characterize their functions in plants using various techniques including Crispr, genomics, and transcriptomics. We then develop strategies to harness the newly generated knowledge in tackling worldwide problems of agriculture.



Please refer to our lab website for more information:



We seek for a background in molecular biology. Experience in plant science and soft skills such as critical thinking and ability to conduct independent research are appreciated.


To apply, send an email to, state the applied position in the subject of your email. Attach a CV, an unofficial transcript, and a half page letter of motivation explaining why you would be a good fit.

Ongoing projects

1-Identification of metal tolerance protein family in common wheat
2-Identifying functions of YSL proteins in metal homeostasis
3-Determining micronutrient mobilization and bottlenecks in imbibed Arabidopsis seeds






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